A customer called Tal Niv Locksmith Services for Lock Rekey Service because his landlord changed the key and he needed new keys made for all his locks. The customer wanted us to come out immediately because he will have guests coming over soon and he didn't want them locked out!

We arrived at the customer's home and rekey all his locks. The customer was happy that he could now use his house keys again, but not as happy when he found out how much it cost him to get them made!

Replacing your locks is a great way to upgrade the security of your home. However, it is also a costly and time-consuming process. Fortunately, there are other ways you can improve the security of your home without having to replace your locks.

One such method is lock rekey. Rekeying locks involves changing the internal mechanism of the lock so that it works with a different key. This means that even if someone has access to your old keys, they will not be able to access your home because their key won't work anymore.

The Difference Between Lock Replacement and Lock Rekey

Lock replacement and lock rekeying are two different things, but they both involve changing the locks on your home. Lock replacement is when you install new locks on your doors. This could be because you have lost all of your keys, or because someone has broken into your house and stolen them. The locksmith will arrive to measure the size and determine the appropriate locks to install.

Lock rekey is when you change the pins in your locks. This is a much cheaper option than replacing your locks, but it still provides the same level of security. The locksmith will come out to take measurements and see what kind of locks need to be rekeyed. When you have lost all of your house keys, or when they have been stolen, you need to get new ones as soon as possible so that you can get back into your home

There are several reasons why you should consider lock rekeying:

  • It prevents unauthorized access by making it harder for someone to break into your home or car.
  • It can increase security by making sure that only authorized people can use certain keys or combinations to access certain areas of your property. This is especially helpful if you live in an apartment building where there is only one master key for all tenants’ apartments; if someone gets ahold of this master key, they can enter any apartment at any time that they want!
  • Rekeying can also help ensure greater safety for children and pets by preventing them from opening doors that might lead outside or into dangerous areas of your home (such as stairwells).
  • Finally, rekeying can be useful if you have just moved into a home and want to make sure that all of the locks are up to date with the latest security features. If you have old locks on your doors that do not feature a deadbolt or hasps, then it is best to change them out before they become damaged or compromised by any unauthorized individuals who may try to force their way in!

Why Choose Tal-Niv Locksmith Services

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Tal Niv Locksmith prides itself in delivering excellent service experience by using only state-of-the-art equipment while employing highly trained professionals who will go out of their way if needed because customer satisfaction matters most.

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