Tal Niv Gives You Security and Convenience With Access Control

Access Control Systems (keyless door entry) are easy to install and allow you to control, monitor, and trace access to your building. More significantly, the system safeguards your most valuable assets, whether at work or at home. We also have door closers, locking mechanisms, and exit devices if you need them. All access control panels can be serviced by us. We offer service contracts for all access control products and can service most homes and businesses.

Advantages of having Acess Control Installed in Your Home or Business

  • Protect Your Valuables
  • Preventing Data Breaches
  • Restriction of Zones
  • Prevent Stealing and Criminal Behavior
  • Employee Stealing is Avoided
  • Allow Access to Many Locations
  • Make Employee Turnover Easier
  • Easily Keep Track of Your Entry History
  • No More Misplaced Keys
  • Keep Track of Who is Coming and Exiting
  • Improved Security
Carpenter Installing Door Lock With Wireless Screwdriver

How to Secure Your Premises with an Access Control System

Installing an access control system requires the expertise of a skilled locksmith. First, the locksmith must measure and identify the necessary access points in the building, such as doorways and windows. Next, they will determine which locking mechanisms are needed to control access to those access points. Depending on the building’s layout and security needs, these access controls may include keypads, biometric readers, or card readers that allow authorized individuals to access certain areas of the building. Once these access controls are in place, the locksmith will program them so that they can be monitored by access control software or a centralized control panel. In this way, an access control system lets businesses control who has access to their facilities in a convenient and secure way.

So if you’re looking for a reliable locksmith to help you set up an access control system for your business or home, look no further than a trusted local provider like Tal Niv Locksmiths. With years of experience helping customers throughout your area secure their property with state-of-the-art access controls, Tal Niv has all the expertise and resources you need to make your access systems work flawlessly every time.