San Rafael, California is a great place to visit, with plenty of parks and outdoor activities to keep you entertained. Whether you’re looking for a place to take the kids for a day of fun or want a relaxing spot to spend an afternoon with your significant other, these parks are sure to please. Here are the top parks in San Rafael according to Yelp ratings.

The Best Parks in San Rafael, CA

Lagoon Park

Lagoon Park is a family-friendly park that has been attracting visitors since its inception. The lagoon, picnic area, and fishing provide opportunities for kids to enjoy traditional play structures while adults can take advantage of modern amenities like playgrounds with swings or slides, in addition, do more activities together!

Located on the Marin County Civic Center campus, Lagoon Park is a large community park (10 acres) that is designed to be surrounded by a man-made lagoon. It offers panoramic views of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Civic Center buildings, which are among the most important structures in the city. Walking, picnicking, model boating, wildlife viewing, playground use, and relaxing are all popular activities in the park, which is located in San Rafael.

Lagoon Park San Rafael, California


Boyd Memorial Park

The National Register of Historic Places recognizes this property as a national treasure. It is associated with a pioneer family who made their fortune in the California gold fields in the early nineteenth century. The property is part of a larger complex that includes Falkirk, which is also on the National Register of Historic Places. Several historic trees, including a mixed variety typical of gardens from that era, can still be found on the property, as well as an elaborately detailed wall and fence along the front property line.

Almost anyplace in the park, you can see your kids. A quiet and clean park for youngsters. Great area to volunteer and take your dog for a walk. Amazing views from hiking trails. It’s the perfect location to relax with your family. And it’s a good chance for homeless folks to meet and make new friends. Magnificent views of the bay and Mt. Tamalpais. It’s mostly up. A fantastic stroll overall. Enjoy a walk or a view. Definitely a memorable experience. Great time! Many enjoy exploring new places with their families! Many folks adore Boyd Park! The large Oak Trees and the ancient vibe! It’s also known as Castle Park. It’s a great place.

Boyd Memorial Park San Rafael, California


Freitas Park

The water play feature at Freitas Park will keep the kids delighted for hours once they get past their initial anxieties. Soak the entire area with spouting, trickling water. Freitas Park has an amphitheater. The park also has a playground, tennis courts, and checker/chess tables with cement benches. Public picnic tables, gazebos, and grills are available for use. 

AWESOME KIDS PARK. Even for events. This all-ropes gym may be too advanced for some kids. Most can play on it, and if they can’t, they can climb on it. The water park component is what most want and is endlessly entertaining for all. Many kids adore this place for many reasons. Many of the park’s visitors were formerly children who have returned with their own children. It’s a lovely cycle. Good times. Great spot to take kids. So you may meet your neighbors! This park has it all from socializing to water play with your kids.

This is an excellent summer spot for kids. They have a lot of big toys. The play structure for the kids is fantastic. They can securely play on a big net while you mingle with other San Rafael inhabitants. It is also a fantastic spot to walk your dog and meet new people. Overall, a fantastic park! It has a lot to offer in a little area.

Freitas Park San Rafael, California


Imagination Park

Built close to Town Hall on San Anselmo Avenue, Imagination Park honors the birthplace of George Lucas‘ two masterpieces, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones, with two “life-sized” statues of Yoda and Indiana Jones. In 2013, Lucas dedicated Imagination Park and its statues to the community, hoping to inspire children and adults alike.

Despite its tiny size, the park is always home to children’s games. It is now the focal point for numerous local activities, including the annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. As a result, it has become one of the area’s most popular Pokemon Go destinations, with new players arriving daily. This creative haven serves as a fantastic reminder of the town’s influence on Lucas’ artistic career.

Imagination Park San Rafael, California


Shoreline Industrial Park

Take a walk on this 7.6-kilometer out-and-back trail in the vicinity of San Rafael, California. It takes an average of 1 h 38 min to accomplish this course, which is generally considered to be simple. Due to the high volume of people who come to this area for birding, hikes, and road riding, you will almost certainly come across other people while exploring. The route is open all year and is a great place to come at any time of year. Dogs are permitted, but they must be kept on a leash.

Shoreline Industrial Park San Rafael, California


Gerstle Park

Gerstle Park is equipped with picnic tables, barbecues, numerous group picnic places (with a capacity of up to 100 people), a basketball court, a tennis court, and a multi-age playground for children of all ages.

Located in San Rafael, California, the Gerstle Park neighborhood is flanked to the south by open space and to the north by the historic downtown district. A lovely city park, donated by the Gerstle family, serves as the inspiration for our name, and it also serves as the venue for many of our activities. The GPNA is open to both property owners and tenants, and membership is free. Click here to view neighborhood maps, and here to read the most recent issue of our newsletter.

Gerstle Park San Rafael, California


Peacock Gap Park

Kayak, windsurf, paddleboard, or just sit and watch the sunset at Peacock Gap Bayside. This lovely park sits at the end of Peacock Drive. A fenced toddler area, public tennis courts, and a par course. Everyone’s happy. The Lagoon is in Peacock Gap. 3 sides by residences, 1 side by Peacock Gap Golf course.Chinese fishing town on San Pablo Bay; also the name of the state park surrounding the museum. This park offers hiking, mountain biking, camping, and picturesque vistas. 

GLENWOOD – The local public K-5 elementary school! 

PEACOCK GAP GOLF CLUB – an 18-hole golf course, driving range, and “The Range CafeBEACH COUNTY PARK – The County’s most popular park features a swimming pool, tennis courts, family and group picnic spots, a sandy beach, lawn areas, a snack bar, and a 500-foot fishing pier.

Peacock Gap Park San Rafael, California


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